Using the Website Control Panel, you’ll be able to keep an eye on all aspects of your Internet presence. You’ll have at hand precise reports, which will supply you with actual information on the server resources your sites are consuming along with the views they’re getting. You’ll also find various significant info on Creative Web Solutionz’s servers as a whole. The data is split up into parts, so you can quickly find your way around.

Server Information and Facts

Check out info about your server

If you want to check out what’s the existing syndication of PHP or MySQL or the OS of the server where your website hosting account is found, go to the Server Data part of the Website Control Panel. There you’ll also find information regarding the installed Perl modules, the inbound and outgoing mailing servers, plus the physical IP address your hosting server.

You can find the web hosting server data board in the Stats portion of the Creative Web Solutionz Website Control Panel.

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Access & Error Stats

Quickly uncover any website efficiency problems

The Access and Error Stats capture data concerning the web server, consisting of details about web server access as well as the sorts of glitches detected during web server operation. You can find both forms of information regarding the functionality of your websites from the Web Statistics Manager section of the Website Control Panel.

The access log lists the text files, image files, video clip files, etc. that people already have required to view on your web site, and the error log records pretty much all warnings and errors that the server has encountered since the log file was developed.

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Web Traffic Statistics

Observe your web site customers live

Checking the website data of your website is the ultimate way to observe how your Internet marketing strategy is working. From your Website Control Panel integrated web reports tools – Webalizer and Awstats, you can see the amounts of viewers that come to your website, in addition to the number of hits they make and pages they visit on a daily, weekly and monthly base.

To check the stats details, simply go to the Web Statistics area of your Website Control Panel and then open the stats file for a selected host. There’s no need to setup anything on your end. We activate the statistics as soon as your website comes on the web and begins making visitors.

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CPU Reports

Track your web sites’ server power load

The web server’s CPU is really important for the communication between the site and its site visitors. The more complicated and resource–utilizing your sites are, the more server resources and CPU time will be required. From the CPU statistics part, you can monitor which website is utilizing the majority of CPU resources.

You need to consider measures to enhance your websites if the CPU utilization limit has been arrived at. You will find in–depth statistics for each day and month or for a full calendar year.

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